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First Presbyterian Day School

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McKinney Byrd Academy


Noel Methodist Children's Center

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St. Joseph Catholic School: K3-1st Graders


St. Joseph Catholic School: 2nd-5th graders


St. Joseph Catholic School: Middle School

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St. Mark's Cathedral School: 2nd-5th grade and middle school


St. Paul's Day School: 3's & 4's


Our Class

Little You Yoga classes are approximately 30-45 minutes long. We collaborate with the teachers of the school age kids and incorporate their lesson plans into the class. LYY will teach children to develop self awareness, and have fun in a supportive, nurturing environment. LLY is a powerful way for children to shape strong, healthy bodies in a safe, non-competitive way. LLY can be practiced anywhere and requires no special tools. LLY has been proven highly effective in helping children become balanced and well-rounded individuals. LLY builds patience, self understanding and confidence. LLY strengthens imaginations and helps each child enhance their creative thinking skills. Last but not least, LLY is engaging and is fun for all children.