We offer fun and creative yoga classes for kids in Shreveport, LA

Where will your little yogis take yoga this year? At Little You Yoga of Shreveport, Louisiana, your children can experience yoga in an exciting and imaginative way! We offer a variety of classes each week that help children focus, love and find peace.

We’re connecting children with themselves and others through yoga

Little You Yoga is a place to center oneself. Children will fly on magic quilts, move into shapes such as rocks and dogs and play games that focus on breathing and balance. Our goal is to teach children how to stay healthy, cope with stress and cultivate inner strength.

Focus on the benefits of yoga in schools

Yoga, breathing and mindfulness are powerful tools for change in the classroom. Studies show that yoga enhances students’ self-esteem, physical fitness and academic performance. To help children shine in school, Little You Yoga will:
  • Team up with teachers and parents to personalize each yoga class to coincide with teaching lessons.
  • Implement breathing and stress-reducing techniques so that students return to class from yoga ready to focus and learn.
  • Incorporate poses with relevant games, stories and songs while working on self-control and stress management.

Reach out if you want Little You Yoga implemented into your school program. We’ve worked with the YMCA, Norton Art Gallery, Sci-Port Discovery Center and more in Shreveport, LA.

Little You Yoga strives to introduce children, their families and their communities to the peace that yoga brings. Grab your little yogi and join us for a yoga class! Call 318-599-9642 to learn more about our classes and events.

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